Bayreuth debut

This summer Gerd Grochowski made his successful debut at the Bayreuth Festival with the role of Klingsor (Parsifal). National and international press alike celebrated his interpretation:

„… the strong bass-baritone Gerd Grochowski …“ (New York Times, 26.07.16)

„Gerd Grochowski is a subtle and well sung Klingsor“ (The Telegraph / London, 26.07.16)

„… The first-rate Gerd Grochowski endowed the emasculated antagonist Klingsor with an aggressive masculinity …“ (Leipzig Volkszeitung, 27.07.16)

Wagner Gala in the Gewandhaus

A further highlight this summer was the MDR’s Wagner Gala in the Gewandhaus.

The Leipzig Volkszeitung of 24.05.16 reported praising profusely:

„… For the soloists the MDR went on a shopping spree to the summit of Wagner singing and brought back to the Gewandhaus the internationally renowned soprano Camila Nylund and the equally globally sought-after bass-baritone Gerd Grochowski. And both are worth the visit! …“

„… whether as Sachs in the Mastersingers, as Gurnemanz in Parsifal or as the Dutchman – one would happily hear more from this vocal brocade and its scrupulously clean production. …“


There are three new recordings of the Wagner gala (Sachs, Gurnemanz and Dutchman) on the webpage Media/Audio.